Because of the vigorous promotion from some organized  and powerful domestic and international groups through various types of media, many people are mistakenly led to believe that homosexual orientation is born, immutable and completely normal. But the fact is thousands and thousands of cases around the world show that homosexual orientation can be changed to various extents.

A small number of people in certain periods of time (especially in the formative years) develop homosexual orientation because of unique physical and mental reactions to some family and social environmental factors. This may come along with other physical / physiological health issues. Although some people choose to act on such tendencies and engage in homosexual acts, there are others who are struggling to change this. If they obtain appropriate help and support, together with power from above, change is possible. And in the process of change, their physical and physiological health can be improved, and even their life can be completely transformed.

This website has collected the videos of some  post gays  (and/or their relatives) personally speaking of their own experiences, and added Chinese sub-titles  to the videos, to let you know how they walk through this process , and acquire an appropriate understanding of homosexuality.

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